Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


When the faithful ones were gathered together Zertoulem appeared in their midst and said unto them: Let peace and love abide ever in your midst.

For without peace there can be no true spiritual growth. It is the foundation upon which all true life must rest. Discord and war are great shadows that shut out the light of Omn the Infinite.

My gospel is one of peace, although at first it might seem to bring discord into the world. For it shall separate families and break many of the ties that the world calls sacred.

Peace cometh not by conforming to the outward usages of the world, but by seeking the way of the spirit that leadeth to a more perfect life.

Wealth and outward prosperity, the inordinate desire for gain, these bring neither peace nor love to the world. Instead they foster the spirit of unrest and develop in man the selfish propensities.

No man has ownership in material things. Houses, lands, books and other properties are loaned him for his use. Not even does he own the body he occupies. This is loaned him for a season, but when Omn calls the spirit hence, he needs must return the body to the great reservoir from whence at the bidding of His spirit it was called.

War is inevitable when man seizes more of this world's goods than he can utilize.

Peace comes when he takes that which he can use for his or other's good.

The earth is Omn's, and the fruits thereof are for the sustenance of his children.

There should be no private ownership in land, but a portion should be set apart by wise leaders sacred to the uses of each individual.

Remember, oh, my disciples, that ye are not of this world of selfish, discordant, sensual men, for ye have been called to the Higher Life, where peace reigns evermore.

Ye are bound by indissoluble chains of love, and not by the bonds of the flesh, of avarice, of selfishness, and of passion, wherewith the people of the Outer World are bound.

Love knows no evil, and only seeks to bless all.

I would not condemn those who have not the light of the spirit, and walk by the uncertain light of the flesh alone. They are Otmar, ones who have not awakened to the newer light of the spirit.

They are neither to be condemned nor pitied. They are walking where ye walked ages ago. The divine spark will yet be kindled upon the altar of their souls, and then the path of the spirit will be made plain and clear to them.

Hold condemnation for no man. Be not so conceited as to think ye are higher or wiser than others. The veil has simply become thin between your eyes and the Infinite Omn.

As brothers, commune together and enjoy the serenity of a pure and noble life.

Walk among men, imparting of your peace and love to those in need, and your influence for good shall be felt afar in the world. Then shall thy soul become as sweet and fragrant as the air of morning, and Peace and Love the wings that bear thee onward amid circling spheres of light.



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