Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Purple and gold are the mountains of Sebas-tha-ontu; above hang wavy billows of golden fleece; for he that giveth life to all terrestrial things, mighty Tha, sleeps in the Chamber of the West.

The valleys are filled with purple mists and gloom, for the arrows of Tha no longer speed on their course.

The night winds laden with the heavy perfume of a thousand plants soothe the restless breast of man, and seal down his eyelids with a kiss.

Sleep, the shadow of death, is abroad in the land, and all is quiet, save the shrill note of the night bird and the voices of innumerable insects.

Behold the grandeur of the heavens! The crown that Omn wears sparkling with innumerable gems.

The soul is filled with awe and reverence at the majesty of the scene.

All that the natural eye beholds pales into insignificance before the illimitable depths and numberless globes of amethyst, purple and gold that burst upon the bewildered vision of the spirit.

Who made these chariots of fire that circle forever the throne of the Infinite One?

Ever on and on! from chaos to nebulæ,—from nebulæ to suns, from suns to worlds!

Who the mighty Sculptor that shaped the endless variety of forms?

Who the mighty Artist with brush dipped in molten colors made the heavens shine with new lights unknown before?

What mighty Musician gave to each star and sun its keynote, and made the heavens vocal with a new song voicing the majesty and glory of the One, Everlasting Omn?

The Heavens give answer: Our Creator is Spirit.

Archangels are the servants of Omn. They, the framers and builders of universes. They, the sculptors, artists, musicians, incomparable.

In their hands chaos assumes form. The lightnings are their playthings. All the mighty and subtle forces obey the mandates of their wills.

They make the pathways for circling spheres of fire. They determine when worlds shall be born out of these spheres, and shape and fashion them into things of exquisite beauty.

Their work completed, angels of light are placed over them and become the masters of their destiny.

Innumerable spirits do the biddings of these angels. And thus from angels to spirits, and from spirits to man terrestrial, throbs and beats forever the Life that is that of the Eternal One.

One Life in all and through all! One purpose, that of the Divine Will, pulsates in every atom, making through all a most perfect undertone of harmony.

Purple and gold are the mountains of Sebas-tha-ontu, as the shades of evening settle over the earth. Peace, sweet peace, spreads her wings over all, and the questioning spirit of man rests ere it takes again its upward flight.



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