Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Thus spake Zertoulem: Worlds age; suns grow cold and cease to give forth light; both return to chaos whence they had birth.

Their substance never ceases to exist; but the form it had been compelled to take is no more in the external world.

There are only two conditions of life, although the manifestations may be infinite—the External, or outer, and the Internal.

The first is the realm of shadows, reflections of spirit as it passes across the great stage of Infinite Action.

The second is the realm of the real—the spirit that vitalizes all things.

Awful beyond description the spectacle of dead world or sun rushing madly onward into the wide opening arms of chaos. Sublime beyond description the birth of a sun out from the dark clouds of chaos and night.

With quickened vision the seer sees beyond world or sun the all-powerful arms of spirit that hurled to destruction or quickened into life.

Over the formless he beholds a sphere of pure amethyst light. Innumerable rays flash from this sphere, grasping the dead atoms and impregnating them with life. The atoms thus vitalized rush together and a sun is born into the universe.

Beyond the sphere of light the seer beholds the form of the Archangel. But his eyes are still veiled, for it is not given to mortal to behold all the glory of those who stand nearest to the Infinite Omn.

All power belongs to spirit. Here lies all that is permanent. Elsewhere all is fleeting and delusive. He who sets his heart on earthly things is unwise, for these in time must return to the formless.

Rather think of those imperishable things of the spirit, for these abide with thee evermore.

Too great love of earthly things deadens all the nobler instincts of the spirit.

Much earthly possessions anchor the spirit to the earth. These impedimenta must be removed before spirit can spread its wings for flight into the Higher Heavens.

Infinite possibilities slumber in every human soul. These are wrought out through many incarnations.

Ye may have already trod the dust of many worlds.

But he of little faith says: If this be true why do I not recall previous embodiments?

In answer, Zertoulem would say: Many do dimly see as in a glass the faint shadows of past experiences. But life holds within itself the results of all experiences.

It is wise to assert what the spirit perceives; and he who is ready to receive will accept.

The prophet speaks for all men—but all men are not yet ready to receive his words.

Be patient, if the world receives not thy message; if it be of the spirit, thou canst afford to bide thy time, for sooner or later the world will listen for thy voice.



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