Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller

Tlaskan Words

Akasa. The great ocean of ether sweeping in and through all things.

Lomkatos. Omn taken; those who have passed through the change called death.

Neontu. One of the disciples of Zertoulem most deeply loved by the Master.

Omn. The Eternal; God.

Otmar. Under clouds; not yet awakened to the light of the spirit.

Sebas-tha-ontu. Sebas, mountains; tha, the sun; ontu, setting. "The Mountains of the Setting Sun."

Tha. The sun.

Tlaskan. The sacred race that peopled a portion of Central America many thousands of years ago.

Tlaskanata. The Land of the Sacred Record; so called because the people were led to this land by a prophecy in their sacred writings.



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