Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Spirit is not born, therefore dies not. It is individualized not as a whole, but as a part of the Infinite One.

Each soul possesses an atom of the Supreme Consciousness. This atom possesses the power to attract other atoms to itself.

Inasmuch as the outward body is a matter of growth and development, so also the inner body, or that which becomes the envelope of the spirit after its transition from mundane life, is made up out of emanations from the thought life.

Spirit is a segregation of divine atoms. These atoms never lose their relationship to the Infinite One.

The Infinite One is more than father and mother, brother and sister, wife and husband, children and friends, for it is all of these and more.

The air taken into the lungs gives new life and tone to the physical body. Inflate, then, the lungs of thy soul and draw from the Infinite Reservoir more atoms throbbing and pulsating with the life that is divine.

Death holds his carnival only in the external world. He cannot cross the threshold of spirit.

Things created alone come within his domain. The realm of the uncreate lies beyond his reach.

Spirit triumphs over the grave and charnel-house. It is the only victor that fears no conqueror.

It counts not time either by years or cycles, for it knows only the ever-present Now, which is Eternity.

As in the realm of the external those things that approach the nearest to the imponderables are the mightiest of all, so in the internal world spirit is the power that controls all.

Think of the external life, then, as only one incident along the endless journey of spirit.

And know this much of the future—it holds divine possibilities in store for all.

Think not that there are favored ones of the Infinite, unless all are favored ones.

Even the meanest life holds its measure of sacredness, and even here the struggle of the good for supremacy is apparent.

The divinest life cannot hold more than its measure will contain of that which maketh for righteousness.

Omn is not a jealous God; neither does He love the few and hate the many. Over all are stretched His protecting arms; all bask in the sunshine of His love.

Oh, Omn, our souls reflect the light and glory of Thy presence!

Our souls are ever filled with devotion to Thee, the one true God, whose love is the source of our growth and strength.

We would worship Thee through sacrifices placed on humanity's altar.

Deeds, and not words alone, are the gifts we would bring unto Thee.

Oh, may the world learn the lesson of sacrifice, and love season humanity's every act!



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