Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Neontu asked Zertoulem, What is Religion? The Master plucked a wayside flower, and turning to Neontu, said: Perceivest thou this flower I hold in my hand? How beautiful in form and color! And how exquisite its fragrance! Man with all his art and skill could not make one of these. It has taken Nature millions of years to prepare the conditions necessary for its development. Might we not almost call it the soul of the world?

Few there are who truly understand the nature of religion. Far too often the world takes the outward form for the real essence of religion.

Religion is more than belief and its attendant ceremonies.

It is the flower of the soul, whose expanding petals are Charity, and whose fragrance is Love.

Like as millions of years were required to make the flower I hold in my hand, and Nature broke and threw away many moulds before this flower came, so the soul has discarded many forms of religion that served their day and purpose, before the Higher Religion was found.

The petals of true Charity seasoned with Mercy and Justice shall be for the healing of the nations.

The all-abiding fragrance of Love shall cement all races and peoples into one great brotherhood.

Without religion the soul wanders darkling in eternal night.

With religion it rises to celestial heights and basks in the light of the Infinite One.

As the body requires food, shelter and raiment for its sustenance, likewise the soul needeth spiritual food.

In the silence findeth the soul the food it needeth the most, for there only is perfect communion with Omn.

All that harasses and perplexes the soul is made clear, for the soul then perceives that the undeviating path leadeth to victory at last.

Through religion is revealed the at-one-ment with the Infinite One.

In its widespread and sheltering arms it holds the tired heads of all humanity.

Over the troubled waters of restless ones its voice cries out, " Be still," and the waters are troubled no more, and the souls rest in peace and harmony.

Here the tired and weary ones of earth find rest; and those who have been disposed to do evil are led to perceive the true light that in time will guide every soul to peace and righteousness.

Not creed, not outward ceremony, not pious cant, is that religion that leadeth to a more devout and holy life; but it is the pure white flower of Charity, whose fragrance is Love.

Hasten the day, oh, Omn, when man shall turn from the outward symbols, and the mammon worship of the hour, to the things of the spirit that giveth life, and to the acceptance of Charity and Love as the basis upon which religion needs must rest.



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