Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


No longer is anything new unto me. Surprise never overtakes me. For back of all outward forms I perceive spirit, that produces all things.

I have stood with universes without number; have assisted at many births celestial and have watched with calm, unwavering spirit the breaking up of worlds and suns into the formless chaos out of which they had their birth.

Life is that which gives motion and unrest; being withdrawn all things fall into Not-Being, the formless, primeval chaos.

Spirit and life are one—or, rather, life is the manifestation of spirit.

We are told that there are mineral, vegetable and animal life; but these are all one, differing only in the intensity of vibration.

The more rapid the vibration the nearer we approach to the pure white light in which Omn forever drapes himself.

As in music vibrations determine the note, so in man vibrations determine the degree of spiritual growth and culture.

Ask not the man of low vibrations to the feast where falls the manna of Heaven, for he is not yet ready to assimilate such food.

Spread for him the rich viands of the earth, for he is of the earth, earthy, and has hardly risen above the vibrations of the mineral world.

Invite unto the spiritual feast those who knock at the door.

Despise not those who are yet in the valley, and see not for fogs and mists the light and beauty of the mountain tops.

Remember, once thou mayst have stood where they are standing, and with feeble vision failed to pierce the thick clouds that were around thee.

Unmindful of what others may think move onward, ever obeying the voice within, and nothing shall prevail against thee.

What are the riches of the world compared with those of the spirit? Like as the flower perishes in a day, so these shall not remain after this day has faded into the All that Is.

Poverty is more of a blessing than a curse. It is the fire of purification that sublimates and strengthens the soul, and prepares it for a fitting habitation of the spirit.

At the gate that opens upon celestial glories, he who was poorest in worldly goods may find himself richer than he who was the possessor of much lands and worldly goods.

Yet despise not riches, and turn not away from worldly possessions.

Not the possession of these things condemns the man, but the uses he makes of them.

If he clings to these things that his appetites and passions may be gratified, then they become stumbling blocks along his path.

But if he uses them for his own and others' welfare, they will become stepping stones to the higher.

Each man's spirit must determine the uses to be made of all things. Obey the Voice that speaketh when all other voices are silent, and all will be well with thee.



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