Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


I proclaim the gospel of myself. Be ye not copies of me—but instead be ye first originals.

The light, although it may still be beautiful, is weakened by reflection.

Let the light that is within thee shine out through all the windows of thy soul.

Repeat not the thoughts of others, unless thy soul gives sanction to their verity.

Speak out what is within thee struggling for utterance. Not only speak out, but live out the thought within.

Say not thou art too poor for this, that, or the other. Thou art rich indeed if thou livest near to thine ideals.

And no man in all the world is so rich as he who lives out the life of the soul.

Be not content with the living of other people's thoughts. Let thine own life have an individuality all its own.

Every flower in the field lives its own life, reflects its own thoughts, externalizes the ideal of the spirit.

In the external life be like a crystal, reflecting the pure white light of spirit within.

The Schools declare: Think as we think, and we will place upon thee the seal of our approval.

Rather live without the approval of the Schools if to gain this prize thy reason and conscience are stultified.

Let nothing stand between thee and the light of thy soul.

Within the orbit of thy spirit revolve worlds, suns, stars, universes.

Spaces and times illimitable are thine own.

Then be ye masters of self.

Let not the soul be troubled by the discussions of the sects. Thou art superior to all sects, and the voice within will determine for thee what is right and best.

Once having found the way, walk with unfaltering footsteps therein.

Fear no evils, for what men call evils are but shadows of ignorance and superstition that fall across thy pathway that needs must fade into nothingness before the blazing light of spirit.

Men fail only when they attempt in their lives to copy others.

If thou art a musician, sink not thine individuality in the composition of the master, but instead give it thine own interpretation.

If thou art an artist, copy not the work of the master unless thou canst make it glow with the fervor of thine own soul.

If a sculptor, make the marble speak the highest ideals of the soul.

Be no mere copyist in whatever field of life thou occupiest.

Let the fervent passion of the soul be manifest even in the most trivial things of thy daily life.

Seek not to be like Zertoulem and to think his thoughts after him, unless these thoughts strike responsive chords in thy soul.

Then shall they awaken the dormant consciousness within that will reveal to thee thy true individuality.



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