Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Upheavals toward perfection are met everywhere in the universe.

Yet matter has its metes and bounds; these are determined by indwelling spirit.

As the child fashions out of wet clay various forms and gives to them names that suit its fancy, so do the Archangels determine the forms world-stuff shall assume.

At the approach of these mighty geniuses the formless assume shape and the depths of space become vocal with the everlasting song of progress.

Trace the history of one globe and the march of progress is revealed.

All forms emerge from darkness into the light.

Night hangs her sable curtains before the enchanted chamber of transformation.

Darkness ever hides the formless, and light ever reveals the radiant forms of beauty.

For vast æons of time was the world preparing for the advent of man.

Myriad forms of life paved the way for his coming.

Every form of life prophesied the coming of the higher.

When man came, weak and lowly though he was, yet within his soul lay dormant infinite possibilities, and these declared his home from afar.

While through evolution may have come the outward man, yet the spirit was not born through the gates of many deaths, but came from the heights or depths of the universe, leaving behind the shining pathway of its glory.

Its mission to subdue and conquer a new world, to pass through struggles and experiences, that in time it may hold within itself the results of all experiences.

By devious pathways the spirit marches onward—its life here but one of its many expressions, and, although much of the life is seemingly unimportant and trivial, the whole is essential when viewed from celestial heights.

Ask not now the reason of certain experiences in life, but wait patiently until the revelation comes from the spirit within.

Grieve not over the past, and sigh not for lost opportunities. No opportunity that was really thine has ever been lost.

Let the Now be the better on account of the past. Rise, oh, soul, out of all thy shadows!

He who spends his time grieving and lamenting over the past lets the golden opportunities of the Now slip by unnoticed.

Arise, then: be not controlled and swayed by phantoms that stretch their hands from out the past. Be superior to all experiences, making all to serve the divine purposes of the spirit.

If ye stay in shadows it is because ye will to do so. The sunlight is as much yours as any one's. Then arise, oh, royal soul, and claim it as thine own.

That which is really thine no one can take away from thee. Thou mayst be deprived of chattels and lands, for these never were really thine own.

But the fruitage of the spirit, the results of many experiences, thine inheritance from the ages, is thine forever, and none can deprive thee of it.



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