Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


The Illuminated One is he whose spiritual faculties have all been quickened. This the one whose illumination is perfect. Of course there are many degrees of illumination.

One faculty may be quickened into newer and higher life while all the others remain in their natural or in a dormant condition.

But when I say Illuminated One, I mean one whose faculties have been exalted or quickened.

He, truly, is an Avatar, for all knowledge is placed at his disposal.

Memory opens to him the door of all experiences in past embodiments.

Oft-times he uses knowledge that has been brought from afar.

Think not that all the knowledge revealed through illuminated ones was acquired either in one embodiment, or while attached to one world.

Spirit calls no world home, but has been a traveller from remotest time along an infinite journey.

Yet, caprice and fancy play no part in these wanderings.

Law controls all things, and order reigns throughout all universes.

The life that is is willed to be by Higher Powers.

What if some say, This is the only life, the first and last incarnation?

Do not stop to dispute with them. Thou canst not make them see as thou seest.

Wait, and they will grow to thy thought.

But keep not thy thought to thyself. Utter it in world language and it shall vibrate on and through the world until all prejudice shall be overcome, and souls shall become responsive to its harmonious notes.

Study thine own soul, ponder well its lessons, before thou art ready to accept the lessons that others may offer.

If thou art illuminated, thou wilt assimilate the food thy soul needs.

Give raiment, material food and shelter to the physical body, but give the soul unmeasured love and knowledge.

Open all the storehouses of Nature and wrench from her her time-honored secrets, ransack the universe if thou wilt in search of new truths, but if thou wilt only be patient and wait, these shall all come to thee.

For the soul knows its own and draws all things it wishes unto itself.

Be ye content with fewer things in the external world, and seek to draw unto thee the higher ideals of the spirit.

But despise not the means that leadeth to the coveted end.

Perform the duties of every-day life uncomplainingly, for these may be made the stepping stones to true spiritual growth.



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