Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


The hills of earth rejoice, yea, the mountains shake their hoary heads with joy;

For a new religion is born unto the sons of men.

It is mightier by far than all other religions, for incorporated into it is the life of all.

The awakening of the real self has made this religion possible.

At present it only appeals unto the few whose souls are filled with divine fervor, but on the morrow, when the multitude awake from their long sleep, it shall appeal unto all.

Out of the peace and harmony of souls recognizing the real self and dwelling in the atmosphere of its consciousness must this religion spring forth.

These are the ones who recognize the beauty of truth as a whole and not simply in its fragmentary form.

The great ethnic religions contain only fragments of the truth. But these fragments are so beautiful that man has mistaken them for the whole truth.

Truth never dies, neither does it grow old; although changeless as the Eternal One, its aspects are ever changing.

The form it assumes is ever suited to the age in which it is presented.

Every religion that has outlived the age in which it was given to the world contains some fragment of truth of value to mankind.

If one searches long and patiently he may find this fragment of truth in every religion that still persists in the world.

In order that his researches may be rewarded he must be able to give a spiritual interpretation to the symbols and ceremonies associated with each and every form of religion.

Nothing lives in vain, and there must be a reason for all these religions living on in the world.

Truth being in all, the reason is found in the persistency of truth.

Now the world has waited long for a great cosmic religion that should absorb all the truth of the ages.

Not only has the world waited long for a religion that should absorb all truth, but also for a new setting of the truth that will adapt it to the intellectual, moral and spiritual demands of each and every age.

It has also waited for a religion that would appease the heart hunger of all ages, and also one that would contain within itself a fountain of perpetual inspiration.

Such a religion needs must be the centre of the thought and life of the world.

It must touch the humblest life as well as the most exalted.

Under its brooding wings even the meanest may find shelter and the way that leadeth at last unto peace.

To possess this religion in its fulness one must be able to find the oneness of self with the Infinite.

When he senses this royal kinship of the soul, he can cry out, I am not of this outward physical body, therefore birth, suffering, sensual attractions, death, are not mine, since I am as eternal and changeless as Omn!

This, the triumphant note of freedom that has rung down through the ages, heard and realized in its fulness by every awakened one of earth.

What Messiahs and sons of God have heard and realized all earth shall hear, and all her sons and daughters realize.

Not only do the hills of earth rejoice and the mountains shake their hoary heads, but all its plains and valleys vibrate with the new song of freedom at the birth of a religion that lifteth all, and not merely a few, into the realization of true manhood.



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