Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Nature unbosoms all her secrets to the votary at her shrine. But when the crude and materialistic approach, they find thick veils interposing between their eyes and spiritual realities.

To the physical scientist the spiritual side of Nature needs must remain a terra incognita, so long as he seeks to explain all phenomena by means of physical laws.

Simply because a man fails to understand the occult side of Nature, that is no reason why he should deride and ridicule those who have seen the light and know whence it cometh.

The wise man ridicules no one; accepts what appeals to his spiritual and intellectual nature, and leaves the rest for those who can make use of it.

To him Nature seems broken up into isolated points until the spiritual, that which unites them all into one perfect whole, stands revealed.

In order that one may have a correct apprehension of truth, it is necessary to know what has been as well as what now is, and also understand the rationale of the whole.

The problem of life will never be solved by investigations conducted solely on the physical plane.

Truly may it be said, only to the seer or mystic does the grain of sand unbosom all its secrets.

He who listens to the myriad voices of Nature patiently and long will be rewarded by hearing the low, soft, sweet undertone which is the voice of indwelling spirit.

Having heard the voice and interpreted its message, the man must become all that it imports before he can gain that freedom from animality that leads to true spirituality.

To him the gates of other worlds shall fly open, and the soul travel at will amid the splendors and glories of the Upper Worlds.

Not merely the thinking and the knowing that a thing is so, but the being that very thing gives this power to the soul.

Not all who knock at the temple and cry out, "Lo, I am here! Open unto me!" shall be received.

They only who have met and conquered the adverse experiences in life, and who have come up out of deep sorrows and the bitterest of tribulations, shall be admitted to the inmost mysteries.

These are they whose footprints are visible along the shores of time, whom the ages have crowned with the laurel wreath of the victor.

Indeed are they worthy of all truth, for they have been weighed in the balances of the ages, and have not been found wanting.

Thorns have pierced their brows, sharp stones their feet, envy and malice their souls.

Yet they have proven true to the light within; have ever obeyed the mandates of the spirit; have ministered to the poor and lowly; have bound up aching and bleeding hearts; and have caused the light of love to illuminate many a darkened pathway.

From the heights the angels cry out: Hail, all hail! Immortal and deathless soul! Thou hast completed the task, henceforth only the perfect form shall be thine own! Thou shalt blaze like a star at midnight, and thy light shall be like that of a beacon along the darksome way of so many human lives. Pursue thine ever onward journey from star to star, from universe to universe!



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