Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Well dost thou ask, oh, Neontu, How can we deal with these conditions? How free the unfortunate one of the parasites that have attached themselves to him? First, bear in mind this great truth: Occult Science never interferes with effects, but always seeks for the causes that lie behind them. The inner life, the realm of thoughts, emotions and desires, is of so great importance, since hence proceed all external conditions, that it demands from us more than a passing notice. Here centre all the forces that build up and replenish the physical body. Right thought, right emotion, right desire, must give a well-developed, properly nourished and well balanced physical body. Perversion of thought, emotion or desire gives the opposite. Out from the process of thinking spring the mental images with which we are surrounded. These images are our constant attendants. They take on the color and aspect of our thoughts. Our outward lives may be apparently pure; we may walk in the pathway that the world terms that of virtue, and yet know absolutely nothing of what real virtue and goodness consists. The mental images may assume the libidinous features of earth's most depraved, and with such images, the creations of our own thoughts, may we feed the smouldering fires of lust. Thus may the emotions and desires be turned from their legitimate channels. On the side of the lower self man is linked with all beneath him, while on the side of the Higher Self he claims kinship with angels and archangels. It is right here on the side of the lower self that man lays himself open to attacks from the evilly disposed. There must be not only bodily purity, but also mental purity, if we would be invulnerable to such attacks. On the side of the Higher Self man opens doors to divine possibilities, which are revealed in the realm of the interior good. If this one thought is fully grasped, thy questions, oh, Neontu, are completely answered. Lower conditions are never dealt with successfully on their own plane. One must deal either from above or within. To grapple with these conditions one must realize that he stands where neither the arrows of malice nor envy can reach him. His whole being must be charged with the knowledge of his superiority.

The unfortunate can be reached and res, cued from the meshes that have been woven around him, but it is necessary that his spirit shall be reached, awakened from its lethargy, and the mind encouraged to call into existence new images whose countenances shall reflect only love and goodness.

If thou art conscious of thy divine powers, and revolving in thine own orbit, possessed of right thoughts, right emotions and right desires, none can ever injure thee. Only those who have not found their rightful place in the universe and are not fully aware of their own powers are subject to the influence of those winds that blow across the marsh lands of the astral realms.

Be as firm and as unyielding in what thou knowest to be right as Truth itself; keep thy whole life near to the ideal thou hast set up before thee; let love lead thee ever with her gentle, yet firm, hand along the pathway that makes for true righteousness; then mayst thou walk forth as a god among men, fearing no evil, unharmed even in the midst of the vilest and most malicious of earth's children, for thou hast found the Perfect Way that leads to complete mastery of all things.



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