Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


In vision of the spirit I beheld the man that is to be! He who wearily had climbed up through the ages until he had reached the summit of physical development.

Beneath him lay Error's mangled form and by its side that of Selfishness.

All the passions were under the control of the magic wand of Reason.

And even the emotions which to-day rock and sway the strongest of men bowed in humble allegiance to the indwelling consciousness.

No longer a creature of circumstances and a prey to the unseen vampires of the ethereal realms, for the inmate of this perfected form had become master of himself.

In the man of the yet-to-be, the spiritual nature in its unfoldment will always be in advance of the development of the physical.

All outward things are correspondences or results of things that are of the spirit—therefore the physical state is determined from within. All growth is from the centre toward the circumference, and man's physical body is not an exception to this law that obtains throughout all universes.

One of the most marvellous manifestations of spirit-power is presented in the physical development of this man.

Here the house will always indicate the nature and attributes of its inmate.

The mind encased in the physical body can hardly conceive of anything more beautiful than the perfected physical body, through which at times flashes the light of indwelling spirit. Well may this house be termed a temple fit for the habitation of Omn!

Fresh from the Master's hands, perfect in the adjustment of all its parts, it throbs and pulsates with the all-pervading light that is eternal!

The fire that ever burns upon the altar of the soul has been kindled by the hand of Omn, and shall die out only when Omn ceases to glow and burn as the central fire of all universes.

Beneath his feet smoulder the fires of earthly lust, greed and selfishness, but over his head, like a coronet fit for an immortal god, glow forevermore the stars of Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith in all the true, beautiful and good time has gathered up as his most sacred treasure;

Hope, kindling the fires of Charity, inasmuch as it compels all to perceive that good is the final goal of all, and

Love, whose influence, the divinest of all, causeth man to work no evil, but to do good even to the humblest and meanest of all created things.

Blessed trinity, whose light shall become brighter and brighter in the world, until the love of my and mine shall be lost in that deeper love of the All, that shall foster in every human heart a sense of the brotherhood of all, that shall yet usher in the Golden Age foretold by seer and prophet of every race and age the world has seen or man has ever known.

The age when man shall own no master save that of his own spirit, bow at no altar save that over which the stars of Truth and Reason never set, and offer to the Unspeakable One only that worship which consists in the doing of that which is right and good.

Then shall appear what I beheld in the vision of the spirit as the man that is to be!



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