Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Into the Silence, oh, soul, would I walk with thee. Into that chamber whose walls are adorned with the unexpressed ideals of the soul.

Here are thoughts that never yet were given outward expression.

Here are poems excelling in beauty and grandeur those of earth's greatest masters.

Songs sweeter and diviner than the incomparable Wagner ever voiced to an astounded world.

Here are thoughts more creative than those of the great philosophies and religions.

For now we have crossed the threshold of the unexpressed.

In the Silence characters are formed and developed.

In the Silence geniuses are born.

Out of the infinite depths of Silence proceeds all that is.

When I walk with thee, oh, soul, into the Silence, awe and reverence abide with me.

For that which is formless, uncreated, ready for the Master fills me with awe.

Stand I thus in the Silence in the presence of Depths abysmal and fronting immeasurable Heights.

The waters from the great Depths surround me. Plunge, oh, soul, beneath the mighty surging waves, and come up out of them purified.

Cleave with thy wings, oh, soul, the ethers that encircle the Heights, and be glorified by the light that glows and plays forever above their summits.

Into the Silence and commune with self; find there thy mission in the world.

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There let the message come to thee that thou shalt give unto those who have become seekers after the light.

Into the Silence, oh, soul, and there find the glowing pathway of the spirit.

Humble though thy work may be, lowly thy mission in the world, in the Silence thou shalt learn its meaning, and thy soul shall be content to labor and to wait.

In the Silence great truths shall come to thee and thy soul be blessed with the rich increase of celestial knowledge.

In the Silence all perplexities shall vanish, all troubles shall cease, all sorrow be assuaged.

In the Silence the clouds shall lift, and the light that is ineffable encompass thy soul.

In the Silence thy soul shall find its own, and commune with the loved in the voiceless language of the soul.

From the Silence, oh, soul, thou shalt return, seeking no longer far and wide thy mission in the world, for the message of thyself in glowing and burning eloquence speaks in thine every act.



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