Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Neontu said unto Zertoulem: Behold how the people suffer! Go into the homes of the people, likewise into the great hospitals and asylums, and the sights thou shalt see and the sounds thou shalt hear will make even one like thee think the world is anything but beautiful. My heart is sad within me and my soul is sick unto death at what it has seen and heard. Pray, tell me, is there any way to overcome all this suffering?

When he ceased speaking, Zertoulem said unto him: Oh, Neontu, has all my teaching been in vain? Have I not already told thee that pain and disease are to be conquered only through efforts of the will, and that back of the will lies the illimitable ocean of spirit, the source of all power?

Dost thou think that one may find a panacea for all human ills in the bottles and jars of the apothecary? That some of these things are palliative I most fully believe. But I would not look to them for the cure of disease any more than I would look to war for the cure of the lust of the nations. Health is the natural condition of the physical body when spirit fully asserts itself through all its members. When there are obstructions along the pathway of spirit they must be removed, else will pain declare the presence of disease. Spirit holds the atoms of matter together; when it is withdrawn, disintegration commences and the atoms fly apart. The struggle of these atoms to obtain their liberty is what causes the sensation of pain. As matter approaches the formless it becomes grotesque and repulsive in appearance.

When man not only learns the way but also walks therein, pain and disease shall be known no more.

Oh, Neontu, if thou shouldst suffer great pain, it would not be necessary for thee to have faith in me in order that I might relieve thee. The two things necessary are these—that I have faith in myself, and also believe that at my command is the exhaustless power of the Infinite One.

Bear in mind, oh, Neontu, also this important fact, that if thou art the possessor of the pearl without price, faith in the divine possibilities of thine own soul, thou wilt never need other physician than thyself.

Thou canst call unto thee from across the depths and over the heights All that Is.

If this power was not thine, thou couldst not be a son of the Infinite One.

If thou art that son, thy power can be no less.

When the world accepts these thoughts and lives them, the way to overcome pain, suffering and disease shall be made clear. Then the sons and daughters of earth shall walk forth clad in new garments of dazzling whiteness, for Truth and Love, Peace and Purity shall claim them as their own.

Until that day pain and suffering shall not be completely overcome.

Hold, oh, Neontu, the Higher Thought, and from thy soul, and also from all noble souls, let its vibrations stream forth until the last groan of agony shall cease and hells on earth be no more.



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