Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


What sayest thou, Neontu, that thou hast fallen away from the Higher Thought?

Nay, nay, say not so, because it is not, cannot be true.

Rather say that the Higher Thought never was thine own

For once Mine, always thine!

If thou perceiveth the truth and graspeth it with the firm hand of ownership, thou canst not fall away from it.

Never didst thou fully perceive the truth and grasp its full meaning, if thou thinkest that thou hast fallen away from it.

Yet it hath not entered into thee and become a part of thy very life, for if it had thou couldst not think that thou hadst fallen away.

Thou hast only reached its outer rim, and thy senses have become intoxicated with its fragrance.

When thou shalt perceive its inherent beauty and recognize its real worth thou canst no longer say that thou hast fallen from the Higher Thought.

Thought becomes higher and higher only as its vibrations are intensified by the spirit that creates it.

If its vibrations are sluggish it hugs the earth. If rapid it cleaves the ethers.

Thy soul selects that which affinitizes with itself, and cannot fall from that which is on its own level.

Thou dost not yet fully believe in thyself. Cultivate, then, oh, Neontu, a more thorough knowledge of thy soul.

Know of its possibilities limitless and its resources exhaustless.

Do not read the limitations of the physical into the atmosphere of the soul.

But read all that the soul is or yet may become into the physical.

As the moon is ever faithful to the sun, daily receiving and transmitting its light, so should the body ever be true to the soul, receiving and transmitting its light.

The soul is not fettered by metes and bounds—if thou dwellest in its world thy vision shall be limitless, and thy powers infinite.

Give not to these thoughts merely the assent of the intellect, for that availeth little.

But if thou canst receive them let them sweep through thee with all the power of conviction.

Then are they truly thine, and thou canst no more fall away from them than the earth can fall out of the solar system, of which it is an integral part.

It has been with thee, oh, Neontu, as with many others. Thou hast tried in vain to grasp the whole as a whole, before thou hast mastered its separate parts.

Step by step, degree by degree, must the neophyte move forward until adeptship is attained.

Through the gates of Meditation and Concentration thou shalt proceed, until at last Truth's golden crown shall grace thy brow.



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