Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


There are so many opinions abroad in the world, asked Neontu, how can one know the right?

The Master replied in substance as follows: There are many rights, and it concerns thee only to know that which is right for thyself.

Be not troubled with the opinions of men. Thine own opinion is of more value to thee than that of any other.

That which is right for thee to-day may not be right on the morrow.

There can be for thee only one right, that on which the Now places the seal of its approval.

In thy childhood it was both right and good for thee to have playthings, but grown to manhood thou hast ceased to take interest in such things and it is right no longer for thee to have them.

Yet there are many men who have not advanced beyond their childhood days and are ever content with things of the past.

In science many men are content to while away their time in the study of the external universe, and never cross the border where Titanic forces are ever playing.

In religion the masses care only for that which comes up out of the grave of the past.

It is right for the man of science to deal with the externals until his soul is quickened into new life by the touch of all-pervading spirit.

It is also right for the devotee at the shrine of religion to bow at the altars that contain nothing but ashes of the past until his soul shall glow and flame with the light of the newer faith that proclaims Universal Brotherhood.

That which shows thee the more excellent way is best for thee and is always right.

Even in the midst of the confusion of the world thou canst always determine what is best, for that which thy soul approves is right for thee.

Each flower, herb and tree takes out of the soil only those elements needed for its growth and complete unfoldment. Each is too busy about its own work to stop to discuss the other elements it leaves behind.

Why not learn a lesson from the vegetable kingdom? Out of the great mass of facts and theories offered in the philosophies and religions of the world, the soul should select those that appeal to the Inner Consciousness, neither accepting nor rejecting the remainder, but leaving them inviolate for those to whom they appeal.

I denounce no science, no philosophy, no religion.

One might as well kick with bared foot the wayside nettles; they would not be harmed, but thy foot would be stung.

I declare nothing is false for others. I only affirm what is right for myself.

Then, oh, Neontu, test all sciences, all philosophies, all religions, by the light of thine own soul, and if they are for thee, are right for thee to hold, they shall be drawn unto thee, and no amount of disputation can dispossess thee of them.



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