Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


As in the wild-wood there is a great variety of form, color and odor of the flowers we meet with, so is it with the auras of human beings.

Some of the flowers are regular and beautiful in form, others irregular, and some few apparently distorted.

So is it with auras of individuals; some are exquisitely beautiful in design, others very commonplace, and still others almost without form.

Some of the flowers in color rival the rainbow, others are modest and nearly neutral, while still others are murky and dark.

We have already seen that it is the same with the auras of human beings.

Among the flowers there are those that emit odors that are ravishing and almost entrancing, others are pungent, and still others are repulsive.

It is even so of human auras.

The so-called criminal, brutal and sensual class emit odors characteristic of the individuals, which are repulsive in their nature.

Many individuals of strong character, yet not specially inclined either to Intellectuality or Spirituality, emit a pungent odor possessing in no great degree either the power to attract or repel.

The intellectually inclined emit an odor very similar to that of the modest little flower known as mignonette.

And those highly developed spiritually emit odors that exert a magic spell upon all who come within the sphere of their influence.

These characteristic odors are not of the outer, physical body, but belong to the sphere of human auras.

There are undertones or musical notes to be discovered in connection with these auras.

Those who have not yet awakened to the knowledge of the better-self send forth discordant notes that ever fail to blend and to produce harmony.

There are those who live quiet, peaceful, unassuming and unpretentious lives, the waves of whose auras are ever vibrating with low, soft and sweet melody.

There are also those grand souls, ever struggling upward, ever breaking away from all restraints, ever promoting the higher interests of humanity, these are surrounded by auras vibrating with the grand, triumphal notes of victory.

With physical eyes you may not behold all these colors and forms; with physical ears you may not catch all these notes,—for in the universe there are forms and colors invisible to the physical eye of man, and notes either too low or too high to be heard by his external ears.

These truths can appeal, then, only to the spiritually awakened, for these have both heard and seen many things all unknown and unperceived by those who have not risen above the valley mists of materiality.

Then, oh, Neontu, let the real Neontu, not that which appears or seems to be the Neontu, assert itself, and thou shalt be led out of the world of shadows, into the world of light, where all things may be revealed unto the waiting spirit.



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