Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Inasmuch as the higher spiritual states are those of Wisdom and Love, so may the earthly states approach unto these.

If thou art self-centred thou canst draw near unto these gates of Light even when thou art in the midst of seeming discord.

It is not necessary that all men should behold the Light of the Love and Wisdom spheres that thou shouldst perceive it.

One may know with the mortal mind and not perceive with the spirit.

That which a man knows may never enter into his life of the spirit, but that which he perceives must sooner or later be incorporated into his very self.

Knowledge is no more than a bundle of dry facts and the understanding of a few laws and their application in the realm of use, unless the perception of the spirit gives to it life.

Perception of the spirit is an offspring of Love and Wisdom.

Love and Wisdom are expressions of the one great underlying energy of the universe, which is known as spirit.

Thus are we led to perceive in all things a divine unity reaching from star-dust to man, and from man to the highest expression of the Infinite.

In mortal conditions all that is usually known as Love should be called selfishness. Here too often it is expressed in favors, a kind of coin placed at compound interest.

But there are times and instances when true love is manifested, for instance, as revealed in the display of heroism and sacrifice by the mother for her offspring, and, likewise, in every noble act and effort on the part of one for another.

Love's fires are not dead on earth, although covered far too often by the ashes of selfishness.

True love is an attribute of the soul that leaps upward like fire from the heart of the volcano, illuminating far and wide the night whose sky is overcast with clouds of hate and discord.

This is a reflection of the Light that forever plays about the heights where angels, Sons of God, Messiahs and Archangels have their abiding place.

And Wisdom is not merely the acquiring of knowledge, but also the understanding of its practical uses.

The Wisdom Soul is not only the one that knows, but also the one who perceives the value of truth.

How many there are of the earth children who have simply buried themselves in the dry details of technical science!

How many there are who have gathered, analyzed and classified flowers, insects and fossils, yet know not their uses in the Di- vine Economy of Things, and, with equal truth it might be declared, know not of that Divine life that throbs and pulsates through them all.

While mere earthly knowledge may be con- fined to the realm of physical data, Wisdom has its wings ever spread for flight into the realms of Cause and Use.

Thus clouds are dissipated, difficulties over- come, and the pure white Light of Spirit reveals the path that leadeth on forevermore!



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