Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Neontu asked the Master: Why is it that I am affected by all individuals that come into my presence, not only mentally but also physically? Some give me the sensations of peace and joy, while others almost completely destroy my equilibrium? It is not necessary for me to come into mental communion with people to be thus affected, neither is it necessary for me to come into physical contact with them.

The Master walked some little distance by the side of Neontu before replying to his interrogations. All this time he was noting the change that was rapidly stealing over the physical body of his companion. When they met that morning Neontu's body was terribly agitated, as if all the chords of his being were swept by a storm. But now all the nerve currents were calmed and brought under the control of the peace-loving Soul that dwelt within.

Then spake the Master: A moment ago, oh, Neontu, thou wast restless as an untamed steed, but now thou art calm as a philosopher. These conditions have been brought about by the mental states of others. Thou hast seen some delicate piece of mechanism affected not only by every change of temperature but also by every passing cloud. The most sensitive and delicate piece of mechanism when compared with the human body is crude and unresponsive. Not only one but many spirits may cause this sounding board to vibrate. Ever the dominant chord should be struck from within. But through ignorance and lack of spiritual growth it is often struck from without. Therefore the body is often swayed by other mental states than those of its own spirit.

Understand, oh, Neontu, that everything in the universe has its own aura. Rocks, trees, flowers, animals and human beings, each have the characteristic aura. We have now only to deal with auras of human beings. The color and nature of this aura is determined by the mental and moral states of the individual. In the gross and sensual it is dark and repulsive; around the purely intellectual it is blue; those reaching toward the spiritual, golden; and the truly spiritual, of dazzling whiteness. Generally speaking, no person is all gross and sensual, and no one in the physical body at all times purely intellectual or spiritual. Therefore in the aura of every person there must be a blending of different colors. The predominating color determines the bent of the individual. In disturbed mental states the aura is disturbed. In anger the aura becomes dark and through these clouds are fitful flashes of flame-colored light. At other times love sways the whole being and the aura takes on the roseate tints of the morning. These auras extend perceptibly about three feet in every direction from the individual. But the sphere of their influence no one yet has been able to measure. So, Neontu, when thou comest into the presence of individuals of pronounced mental states, thou art affected by their auras.

Protection can only come from within. Thou must be self-centred and self-poised; thy will upon its throne, and thine own aura well defined by deeds in keeping with the higher attributes of the spirit.



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