Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


’Tis well for every one to seek spiritual gifts, but it is far better first for every one to know his own spirit and something of its possibilities.

First let character, the sweet flower of the soul, be well developed.

It is to the man or woman what the perfume is to the flower, a revelation of the soul-life within.

The characterless man is always vacillating, never certain of anything.

The man of character is far more stable than the rock-ribs of the earth.

He is never swayed save by influences that lead either to his own or others' good.

His voice is like the deep, rich, melodious tones of the organ.

And through his whole life sweeps the rhythm of the universe.

To such an one is revealed the Divine attributes of the soul, possibilities beyond the comprehension of him who dwells in the valley land of vacillation and selfishness.

The gifts he seeks are above the plane of sense, and are not confined to those that take form and shape in the realms of materiality, but instead, pertain to the spheres of Wisdom and Love, therefore lead to the uplifting and spiritualizing of all humanity.

He does not deny physical phenomena as gifts of the spirit, for they may have been the rungs in the ladder up which he has been slowly and painfully climbing through the lapse of years.

But, as far as he is concerned, they have served their day and purpose. After a man has acquired a knowledge of geometry, calculus and the higher mathematics, he does not need to dwell longer in the realm of its first principles. He is far too wise either to deny their existence or to remain bound by the magic charm of their influence. Therefore he leaves the study of the self-evident truths upon which the science is founded for the neophyte. So ever must it be with psychic science. Those living in closest relationship with the sense-plane can only be reached through the cruder manifestations.

That ye may not be led astray by these into snares and pitfalls innumerable see that thy reason is alert, thy character well developed, and thy higher spiritual nature awakened.

Seek ye the higher gifts of the spirit, but seek through living nearer and nearer to the higher and better self.

If simply the doors are open unto the realm of sense ye need not expect to hear the entrancing music of the spheres.

Thou needst not stop to close the doors behind thee, for they close of their own accord when influences from the realms into which they open cease to reach and affect thee.

Be sure the doors are never closed before thee through thine own selfishness and lack of true spirituality.

They of the higher spheres will minister unto thee, if thou in word or deed art worthy of their ministrations.



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