Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


These little jars and perturbations in everyday life simply emphasize the harmonies of the deeper spirit-life.

The All-Pervading Life that in time must overcome and master all things, in thy present life is only revealed by partial liftings of the veil.

No man knows its depth and full meaning.

For it is out of sight save when it flashes through the thick clouds which far too often enshroud the life of man.

Much of the disturbances in thy life are caused by outside influences.

That these may be avoided do not cut thyself off from others, for thy life of life must be associated with that of others.

Those that annoy and fret thee are always on a plane below thee. Intellectually they may be above thee, but always spiritually they are far beneath thee.

Cut not entirely loose from them, and yet be independent in thy way of living and thinking.

The light of thine own soul may arouse them to better things.

Nature's forces are silent until the work they seek to do is accomplished.

Say not thou art better or wiser than others, and, above all, pronounce not thy curse upon any one.

If any one hath done thee an injury, do thou no injury in return, for the first will never be righted by a second.

Poor mortal, thou art desirous of injuring another! Thou canst not afford to do it. The blow will fall upon thine own head with greater might than it does upon the one thou art seeking to injure.

Wouldst thou have friends in the world? Then be a friend to all men. Conquer thy meaner self, and let the spirit be more perfectly revealed each day of thy life.

Think not that thou shalt gain anything by striving to ride over others. Thy horses will balk and throw thee to the ground.

Be humble, not exalting thyself above others, and the true glory of thy higher spiritual nature will shine forth, blessing all humanity.

Then, if others seek to injure thee and put thee down, be not discouraged and disheartened.

But let thine own acts be seasoned with charity, justice and love, and in the end thou shalt arise in the majesty of thy spirit and be glorified in the presence of the highest.



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