Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


Spirit not only moulds and shapes the physical body which becomes its outward expression, but is also vibrating in its every atom.

If a part or portion of this outward expression of spirit is loaned another individualized spirit, the original creator of that part or portion never entirely disassociates itself from it.

In fact, the every atom called within the atmosphere of the indwelling spirit reflects in greater or less degree the attributes of that spirit.

Even when a member is loaned another, the personality whose vibrations are felt by the remotest atoms of the outward expression is never entirely submerged in the personality that usurps and controls the organ for the time being; therefore, in spite of every precaution, it flashes across the pathway of the thought being expressed.

But the spirit speaking cares little for this unless it may interfere with the expression of truth.

Then, is it not far wiser for men to be seekers after spiritual truths than for the evidences of special spirit control?

I that indite these papers speak far oftener for the many than for the one individuality known as Zertoulem.

What matters it whether the truth is found struggling in the mind of the medium, and is quickened into outward expression by the touch from without, or cometh entirely from an extraneous source?

The all-important thing is the clear perception of the truth.

Truth owns no special country as the land of its birth; neither the East nor the West can claim it as its own.

Prophet-souls in every land and every age have heard its voice.

Obedient to the message received, they have gone forth into the world as Heaven-sent messengers.

The truths they uttered in the long ages past have never been lost.

No word, no wisdom is lost past recovery.

Sigh not, then, over the esoteric wisdom of the past; if thou art ready for it, thou shalt receive it all.

It has been seemingly lost because the world was engrossed in material things, and had no time for those of the spirit.

Spirit needs no introduction to the ages past and gone. The ancient peoples are not stranger men and women to it, and the civilizations of old are not unknown to it.

It is for me and you to press the hands of these people, to walk with them shoulder to shoulder, to read with them the records of their struggles and triumphs, to reap the results of their civilizations, and to be exalted by the wisdom they possessed.

And this exaltation, not because the wisdom is ancient and belonged to a peculiar people, but because the wisdom contained within itself a spring of perpetual youth, and belongs neither to one age nor one people, but to eternity and to all men.

It is for thee to perceive as great truths as the world has ever perceived.

If thou wilt thou canst stand where the greatest have stood.

Thou must lift the clouds that hang over thee. Thou must plant thy feet firmly upon the earth beneath thee.

For it is not well to forget the needs of the outward, the external expression of spirit.

A god dwells within; the house should be beautiful and clean.

Through its every door should shine the ineffable light and glory of the exalted spirit, the inmate of the house not less beautiful.



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