Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


He who sends the healing thought is doubly blest, blest in giving that which others need, and blest in receiving that which he had not before.

Send forth no vacillating thought, freighted with the hope and trust for better conditions and higher things.

Instead, let thy thought be charged with the positive currents of love that know no defeat.

Hast thou not declared Omn to be omnipotent and omnipresent?

Believest thou this to be a truth? Then, inasmuch as thou art a part of the divine, all power centres in thee.

Thou art circumscribed and limited only by thy denials.

Ignorance builds up a wall that crumbles and falls at the approach of knowledge.

So all difficulties fade and disappear when one arises above the sphere of denial into that of affirmation.

When thou sittest in the silence to help or benefit another, concentrate thy mind upon the object to be accomplished. Be so desirous of doing good that no other thought shall possess thee.

Be not so foolish as to deny the existence of disease, poverty and sorrow, but affirm the possibility of rising above all that clogs or hampers the spirit.

Spirit, assert thyself!

Arise! shake off all that impedes thine upward progress.

Thou art creator of opportunities.

At thy bidding all the doors of knowledge are opened.

There are no secrets Nature holds that may not be revealed unto thee.

To the awakened soul there are no occult or hidden forces in nature. All are luminous with the light of spirit, and none are hidden save by the flimsy veil of ignorance.

Every breeze that sweeps over the land, every wave that beats against the shore, every ray of light that cometh from most distant star, has a message for thee, oh, man, if thou wilt only receive it.

Star-dust and earth-dust are one and the same, save only in the one the vibrations may be intenser than in the other.

On earth varied names are given to the so-called primal elements, but he whose spiritual vision is quickened perceives that there is but one substance in all universes.

Under all must be one,—that one we term spirit, the only substance.

Elements are the clothes that spirit wears. Hence all the varied forces are ever directed by spirit.

If the individual spirit is both self-conscious and self-centred, it calls other spirits to itself to aid in its every beneficent work.

A legion of spirits may do thy bidding if thy commands are wise and right.

A good thought speeding on its mission of love and beneficence calls to its aid the powers of many wise and good spirits.

Live above the atmosphere of ignoble thoughts and thy life will reflect only the noblest of impulses.

And these impulses shall be made to live in the lives of others.

They shall bring up out of despair, suffering and gloom those who never before have felt or known the sweet sunbursts of love.

In him from whom they proceed shall be wrought as great a transformation as in the ones they reach.

He who gives the most receives the most.

For angels are ever showering upon the head of the giver benedictions that are not of this world.



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