Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


From spaces inconceivable, from depths beyond human comprehension, from heights incalculable, voices call out to us, and hands reach down, through and up to us.

We are ministered unto by all that is.

Our way is not solitary and alone, even if our path is our own.

Innumerable the throng that attends us.

For us the beauty of the morn, and the glory of the expiring day.

For us the upheaval of earthquake and volcano, and the destruction that follows in the wake of the tornado.

For us the distant star emits its dim and misty light, and the comet flashes with fitful glare across the astounded heavens.

For us the herbs of the field, the proud and stately trees of the forest, and the humble lichen on the rock.

For us every form of life that peoples forest, stream, lake or ocean.

For us all movements, all rests, all strivings, all down-goings, and all uprisings, all emotions, all sympathies, all loves, all hates, all envies, all jealousies; in a word, all that is in part or in whole the expression of life, terrestrial or celestial.

These all wait upon us, minister unto us, and we through them gain the discipline needed for the higher spiritual attainment.

Then some might say, Why battle against the adverse? Why strive after the higher?

Brother, sister, know this and thou shalt question no more:

Vantage ground is only gained by battling and striving. The awakened soul is ever trying its wings.

The heights never come down to thee; thou must ascend unto them.

Omn speaks on and on evermore—yet His voice is only heard by those who listen for it.

Not in the external shall its sweetest and divinest song be heard, but only when man withdraws himself from all that belongs to the outward, and centres his whole life and thought upon that which is more than shadow, more than blazing sun, or world teeming with expressions of life, shall the soul be flooded with music whose notes are the vibrations of the light ineffable.

I would introduce thee to thy real self—the one very few in the world are acquainted with.

Thou hast lived so far away from thyself that thou hast become acquainted with its feeblest expressions.

Come ye nearer unto self—enter the holy of holies—the citadel whence consciousness proceeds. Behold the God upon the throne!

The real knowledge of self shall throw light upon others and make it possible for thee to sense the mission of each life.

Growth shall come from the possession of this knowledge, and through it shall come the understanding of the message that every expression of the All conveys to thee.

Through the darkness around thee shall flash the light that is not on land or sea, the light of spirit that ever lifteth to higher and better things.

And in the interior consciousness shall be made plain and clear the real meanings of the adverse experiences and the strivings that enter into thy life.

When thou shalt become submissive to indwelling spirit, all shall be fully understood.

For God knows all!



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