Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

By George A. Fuller


If others near thee in the sense-world annoy thee, shut them out from thy real life. The ego may drive from itself all consciousness of that which it does not need.

The ego, the vital spark, that which is divine, dwells afar and apart from all that belongs to the external world.

It belongs to the depths, and not to the surface of things.

The imago and not the ego is incarnate. The ego builds for its creations houses, but these are not for itself to dwell in. One with the eternal, it is as houseless as the eternal.

It is well and right for thee to live much of the time apart from others, for in the interior consciousness thou shalt find all that is essential for thee.

Yet, leadings to this interior consciousness are necessary; books, men and things may be necessary to lead thee to thyself, but the time will come when these leadings will be needed no longer, for the dewdrop shall have touched the heart of the lotus and be merged in its interior consciousness.

He who walks through the world with his elbows in contact with other elbows never receives the leadings of the spirit.

Spirit needs neither props nor outside influences to make its mission known to thee. Its throne room is within, and only one can have audience at a time.

Thou must go alone if thou wouldst receive its blessings and commands.

Others cannot hear for thee; others cannot see for thee; others cannot receive for thee.

Spirit never calls two at a time. Its pathway does not admit of two walking abreast.

Through the same ethers and at the same times travel the varied forces of the universe, yet they never interfere with one another. Each is bent on its own mission.

In this world there is plenty of room for all, and there will be no jostling when all find their rightful places.

Yet, even as it is, the self-centred one is never disturbed.

Only those who are trying orbits that belong to others disturb and are disturbed.

Alone thou must be, and yet not alone, for the ethereal currents from interstellar spaces sweep around thee freighted with priceless cargoes.

Influences are about and with thee that know not earth as their home.

From all around thee Nature stretches out her hands encouragingly, and from above all power is showered upon thee.

Indeed, the favors of heaven are thine own, and thine associates kindred spirits from universes unnumbered.

Out of thine own sphere thou art hampered, cramped and besieged by forces, powers and influences that impede thy onward progress.

In thine own sphere thou art the ruler. Even the stars, nebulæ, universes lay their tribute at thy feet.

Indeed, the golden crown, sparkling with jewels, brighter and richer by far than the earth affords, sits gracefully upon the brow of the king who has become the ruler in the sphere of his own self-consciousness.

To him, all winds are alike; all experiences as they should be; all influences good; for all yield unto him a subtle essence that giveth strength and power.

None can bring evil unto him, for his feet walk the shining pathway of the spirit.



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