The Signs And Symbols Of Primordial Man
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The Signs And Symbols Of Primordial Man

An exploration of signs and symbols which may be the ancestors of modern Freemasonry. Written by Albert Churchwood, a 30th degree mason, in 1913. 

Temple Illustration of Uxmal

Symbols of The Uxmal Temple

Symbols of The Uxmal Temple 2

Masonic Symbols of Uxmal

Masonic Symbols From Egypt

Masonic Symbol from Assyria

A Masonic Symbol from Mexico

Figure 13

Symbols of the Rocks of Quiurnpa


The Twenty Days

Design of a vase from Chama

Mexican Antiquities

Mexican Antiquities 2

The goddess Nut holding a tablet on which stands Harpocrates

Humboldt Fragment from

The Goddess Sebek-Nit suckling Horus

The God Bes


The God Amsu

A Native American Totem

The High Priest

The High Priest In Full Dress

The God Meskhenet

A Skeleton

The God I-Em-Hetep


The Ark of the God Seker on its sledge


The seven lighted candlesticks

Anubis ministering to Osiris on his Bier, at the head kneels Nephthys, and at the feet, Osiris

Ank Cross


Ptah-Seker-Ausar, The Triune God of the Ressurrection

The Path of Myth

Origin of a Ceremony

The God Set

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