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Esoteric Christianity

By Annie Besant

Early Christianity held secrets equal to those of other great religions, says Annie Besant. Its first followers guarded them as priceless treasures. After an increasingly rigid hierarchy began to bury these truths in the early centuries A.D., they were known only to a few initiates, who communicated them privately, often in obscure language. In Esoteric Christianity, Besant's aim is to restore the secret truths underlying Christian doctrine. As public interest grows in the Gnostic Gospels and the mystical side of Christianity, Besant's remarkable book, first published in 1901, is attracting new attention.

Title Page
Chapter I. The Hidden Side of Religions
Chapter II. The Hidden Side of Christianity
Chapter III. The Hidden Side of Christianity (concluded)
Chapter IV. The Historical Christ
Chapter V. The Mythic Christ
Chapter VI. The Mythic Christ (concluded)
Chapter VII. The Atonement
Chapter VIII. Resurrection and Ascension
Chapter IX. The Trinity
Chapter X. Prayer
Chapter XI. The Forgiveness of Sins
Chapter XII. Sacraments
Chapter XIII. Sacraments (continued)
Chaper XIV. Revelation



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