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Hindu Mysticism

By S.N. Dasgupta

This book is a systematic introduction to Hindu mysticism as it evolved in India through the ages.

Mysticism is not an intellectual theory, It is fundamentally an active, formative, creative, elevating and ennobling principle of life. According to the author, mysticism means a spiritual grasp of the aims and problems of life in a much more real and ultimate manner than is possible to mere reason.

This small book gives a brief general outline of some of the most important types of mysticism, indicating theirmutual relations, sometimes genetically and and sometimes logically.

Title Page and Front Matter
Analytical Table of Contents
Lecture I. Sacrificial Mysticism
Lecture II. The Mysticism of the Upanishads
Lecture III. Yoga Mysticism
Lecture IV. Buddhistic Mysticism
Lecture V. Classical Forms of Devotional Mysticism
Lecture VI. Popular Devotional Mysticism


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