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Initiates of the Flame

By Manly P. Hall

Written in 1922, Initiates of the Flame is one of the great esoteric writer Manly Palmer Hall's first published writings and survived nearly a century to become an often overlooked gem that was extracted from the nearly infinite treasure-house that was the mind and imagination of Manly Hall. This small book details the sacred, secret traditions of the Guardians of the Flame, the preservers of the human spirit who have worked side by side with mankind throughout the ages and provides a hint towards the first step on the path to join them in the Labors. 

i Introduction
ii Foreword
iii Chapter I - The Fire Upon The ALtar
iv Chapter II - The City of Shamballa
v Chapter III - The Mystery of the Alchemist
vi Chapter IV - The Egyptian Initiate
vii Chapter V - The Ark of the Covenant
viii Chapter VI - Knights of the Holy Grail
ix Chapter VII - The Mystery of the Pyramid



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