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The Kybalion

By Three Initiates

The Kybalion, first published under the myserious pseudonym "The Three Initiates" is a defining work on the subject of Hermetic Mysticism. Purporting to be the work of a long-standing fraternity of Hermeticists, the Kybalion is a distillation of thousands of years of careful study and mystical experimentation. Each page contains concepts whose profundity defies the ability to ascribe its content to the imaginary. The 7 Hermetic principles described and expounded upon within are the most practical, applicable esoteric concepts ever comitted to the written word. When taken together they form an exceedingly simple philosophy that even the newest initiate into occult philosophy can grasp and use them to better inform their perception of reality. The Kybalion as an indispensable text for the serious student of the occult and is here presented and preserved that such students shall never be lacking its wisdom. 

Title Page
I. The Hermetic Philosophy
II. The Seven Hermetic Principles
III. Mental Transmutation
IV. The All
V. The Mental Universe
VI. The Divine Paradox
VII. "The All" in All
VIII. Planes of Correspondence
IX. Vibration
X. Polarity
XI. Rhythm
XII. Causation
XIII. Gender
XIV. Mental Gender
XV. Hermetic Axioms



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