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Nightmare Tales

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The world knows H. P. Blavatsky chiefly by her encyclopedic knowledge, her occult powers, her unique courage. This little book, composed of stories thrown off by her in her lighter moments, shows her as a vivid, graphic writer, gifted with brilliant imagination. The student will catch glimpses of reality under the garb of fancy, and will know that only the hand of an Occultist could have added some of the touches to the pictures. The Nightmare Tales were rewritten during the last few months of the author's pain-stricken life: when tired with the drudgery of The Theosophical Glossary she, who could not be idle, turned to this lighter work and found therein amusement and relaxation. Her friends, all the world over, will welcome this example of gifts used but too rarely amid the strain of weightier work. Annie Besant.

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