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The Ancient Wisdom

By A Besant

The Ancient Wisdom is a book by Anni Besant published in 1897 as per the dedication in the Leader of the undated first pressing. In this book Besant introduces and explains the physical plain, astral plane, mental plain and other planes of existence. This book is intended to place in the hands of the general reader an epitome of Theosophical Teachings, Sufficently plain to serve the elementry student, and sufficiently full to lay a sound foundation for future knowledge. It is hoped that it may serve an introduction to the profounder works of H.P. Blavatsky, and be a convenient stepping stone to their study. Those who are even a bit aware of ancient wisdom know the illumination, the peace, the joy, the strength, its lessons have brought into their lives. This book may win som to con its teachings, and to prove for themselves their value, is the prayer with which it is sent forth into the world. Whom in the modern form of the ancient wisdom the name “Logos" or word has been given. The name is drawn form the greek philosophy, but perfectly expresses the acient idea.

Title Page
Chapter I. The Physical Plane
Chapter II. The Astral Plane
Chapter III K?maloka
Chapter IV. The Mental Plane
Chapter V. Devachan
Chapter VI. The Buddhic And Nirv?nic Planes
Chapter VII. Reincarnation
Chapter VIII. Reincarnation Continued
Chapter IX Karma
The Three Kinds of Karma
Collective Karma
Chapter X. The Law Of Sacrifice
Chapter XI. Mans Ascent
Chapter XII. Building A Cosmos


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