The Paradoxes Of The Highest Science

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The Paradoxes Of The Highest Science

By Éliphas Lévi

This was the first of Lévi's books to be translated into English. The original French version was published in 1856. This translation (by an unknown hand) was first published in 1883 by the Theosophical Society, and re-issued in 1922, with additional extensive footnotes by 'an Eminent Occultist' (herein, E.O.). The identity of E.O. is unknown, but it is believed from the style and views expressed that it was none other than Helena P. Blavatsky.

Title Page
Preface to the 1922 Second Edition
Foreword to the 1922 Second Edition
Chapter I. Paradox I-Religion Is Magic Sanctioned
Chapter II. Paradox II-Liberty is Obedience to the Law
Chapter III. Paradox III-Love is the Realisation of the Impossible
Chapter IV. Paradox IV-Knowledge is the Ignorance or Negation of Evil
Chapter V. Paradox V-Reason Is God
Chapter VI. Paradox VI-The Imagination Realises What It Invents
Chapter VII. Paradox VII-The Will Accomplishes Everything, Which It Does Not Desire
Chapter VIII. Synthetic Recapitulation-Magic and Magism
Chapter IX. Synthetic Recapitulation-The Great Secret



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