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Tilak of Tibet Reveals Lifes Purpose

By Ann Hackett

This long-forgotten esoteric novella, written in the waning days of World War II, is a series of parables held together by a fictional Tibetan character, Tilak. The author expounds on a diverse set of esoteric themes, including reincarnation, soulmates, auras, karma, lost continents, and ascended masters. Although plainly written, fans of the genre will enjoy this short book, which appears on the Internet for the first time at sacred-

Title Page
Chapter I. Tilaks Birth and Boyhood
Chapter II. A Past Life
Chapter III. The Great Preparation
Chapter IV. Payment
Chapter V. The Suicide
Chapter VI. The Invalid
Chapter VII. The Lane of Birth
Chapter VIII. After Physical Death
Chapter IX. The Eternal Self-Consciousness
Chapter X. The Great Change



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