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Under the Prophet in Utah

By Frank J. Cannon & Harvey J. O'Higgins.

This is a memoir of Frank J. Cannon (1859-1933). Although born into a prominent Mormon family, Cannon was a freethinker and a progressive. He recounts an insiders' view of the painful process by which the Mormon church and the state of Utah became integrated into the United States. He played an active role in this history, lobbying for statehood both in the halls of Washington D.C. and in the inner councils of the Mormon church. This work is highly critical of the Mormon hierarchy, the conformist and inward-looking aspects of Mormon society, and of polygamy. However, he also praises the social programs of the Church. This is an important source document for the history of the Mormon people and the state of Utah.

Title Page
Chapter I. In the Days of the Raid
Chapter II. On a Mission to Washington
Chapter III. Without a Country
Chapter IV. The Manifesto
Chapter V. On the Road to Freedom
Chapter VI. The Goal-and After
Chapter VII. The First Betrayals
Chapter VIII. The Church and the Interests
Chapter IX. At the Crossways
Chapter X. On the Downward Path
Chapter XI. The Will of the Lord
Chapter XII. The Conspiracy Completed
Chapter XIII. The Smoot Exposure
Chapter XIV. Treason Triumphant
Chapter XV. The Struggle for Liberty
Chapter XVI. The Price of Protest
Chapter XVII. The New Polygamy
Chapter XVIII. The Prophet of Mammon
Chapter XIX. The Subjects of the Kingdom
Chapter XX. Conclusion



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