Freemasonry And The Ancient Gods
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Freemasonry And The Ancient Gods

First published in 1921, this exploration of the connection between Freemasonry and ancient religious beliefs by J. S. M. Ward delves deeply into the details and specifics of various ancient cultures. Containing several black and white illustrations and photographs, it offers insight into the ancient origins of the craft. 

Brahma The Creator

Hanuman and Shiva

The Three Higher Degrees

Vishnu, The Preserver of Life

Symbol of the Sun

Egyptian Sculpture

The Sacred Cobra

Krishna Stepping On The Serpent of Evil

Anubis Ministering to Osiris On His Bier

Pictographic Writings from Easter Island.

Tipperu and Dancing-Belt From New Guinea

Fresco From Pompeii

Old Chinese Painting

Old Eighteenth-Century Apron


Reverse of Rose Croix Regalia

Ancient Temple in Mexico


Statue of the Mexican Preserver

Tablet of The Cross

The Lion Incarnation of Vishnu

Stone Vesica Piscis

Royal Order of Scotland

A Maltese Cross From The Mexican Codices

A Swastika Made of Serpents

Vishnu Sleeping

Jewels of Some Masonic Degrees

The Great Sacrifice

The Templar Charter of Transmission

Jewels of Chivalric Degrees


Relief at Borobudur

Initation in Mexico

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