Knowledge of the Higher Worlds And Its Attainment

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Knowledge of the Higher Worlds And Its Attainment

By Rudolf Steiner

This is Rudolf Steiner's guide to the seeker on the path of esoteric initiation. He includes much that would be of use to novices of any mystical belief system, and a lot of tantalizing information about the subtle body, higher planes of existence, and the spiritual encounter with the 'Guardians of the Threshold.'

This text was created from the first (1947) edition of this English translation, which has an unrenewed copyright in the US, and is furthermore a translation of a pre-1923 book, which makes it public domain in the US. The copyrights on the Steiner writings are somewhat complicated. This is the first book by Steiner which we have been able to create a public domain text of. We hope to add more in the future, legalities permitting.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Preface to the Edition of May 1918
Preface to the Sixth Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Chapter I. How is Knowledge Of The Higher Worlds Attained?
Chapter II. The Stages of Initiation
Chapter III. Some Practical Aspects
Chapter IV. The Conditions of Esoteric Training
Chapter V. Some Results of Initiation
Chapter VI. The Transformation of Dream Life
Chapter VII. The Continuity of Consciousness
Chapter VIII. The Splitting of the Human Personality during Spiritual Training
Chapter IX. The Guardian of the Threshold
Chapter X. Life and Death. The Greater Guardian of the Threshold



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