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Oriental Mysticism

By E.H. Palmer

This is a concise study of the key concepts of Sufi philosophy, written by a western scholar in the mid-19th century. Palmer discusses the spiritual journey that Sufis take, the path to oneness with God. A very useful feature of this book is the glossary of poetic symbols used in Persian Sufi literature. Palmer also translated the Qur'an for the Sacred Books of the East in two volumes.

Title Page
Chapter I. Of the Traveller, the Goal, the Stages, and the Road
Chapter II. Of Law, Doctrine and Truth
Chapter III. Concerning the Perfect Man, and the Perfectly Free Man
Chapter IV. Concerning Fellowship and Renunciation
Chapter V. Concerning Attraction and Devotion
Chapter VI. Concerning Counsel
Chapter I. Chapter I. Part II
Chapter II. Concerning the Attributes of God
Chapter III. Concerning the Works of God, Physically Considered
Chapter IV. Concerning the Works of God, Metaphysically Considered
Chapter V. Of the Four Universal Sources
Chapter I. The Saintly and Prophetic Offices Defined
Chapter I. On the Influence of Early Prejudice Upon Belief
Chapter I. Grounds For the Discussion
Chapter II. Of the Origin and Animal Development of Man
Chapter III. Of the Intellectual and Spiritual Development of Man.
Chapter IV. Of the Upward Progress or Ascent of Man
Chapter V. Conclusion


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