Seven Principles of Man

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Seven Principles of Man

By Annie Besant

In the teachings of Theosophy, seven is the key to revealing and explaining the mysteries of nature. The number seven is at the root of both the physical and spiritual evolution and is therefore of the utmost importance in meaning and application. The inquirer need only look observantly into the matter to find numerous examples of the number seven in the world about him.  In this book, Brother Besant explains the interaction between the physical body, the mind, and the emotions, and the aura and the energies of the Universe. For those seeking answers to who they truly are, this book is a treasure.

i Preface
ii Foreword
iii Introduction
iv Principle One - The Dense Physical Body
v Principle Two - The Etheric Double
vi Principle Three - Prana, The Life
vii Principle Four - The Desire Body
viii Principle Five - Manas, The Thinker, Or Mind
x Principles 6 & 7 – Atman, Buddhi and the Spirit



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