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Tenderfoot Days

By George Robert Bird

This is a memoir by a non-Mormon about his experiences in the prospecting camps of Utah at the turn of the 19th century. It was donated to sacred-texts by the anonymous volunteer who goes by the name of 'Some Dude'. This is a first-person perspective by an outsider to the then newly minted state of Utah, which gives both a sympathetic account of the Mormons, while bringing up some darker aspects about their history. He also presents a stereotypical portrayal of the Native Americans of the region. As always, we encourage readers to consider the historical context in which this book was written, as well as retain a critical point of view.

Title Page and Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Chapter I. Going West in 1874
Chapter II. A Far West City
Chapter III. Pilgrims to a Modern Zion
Chapter IV. Church, State and Camp
Chapter V. The Co-Operative Industry of Utah
Chapter VI. The Valley Settlements
Chapter VII A Long Ride Through Utah Valley
Chapter VIII. Through Spanish Fork Canyon and Thistle Valley
Chapter IX. Opposition to the Liberal Schools
Chapter X. Behind the Curtain
Chapter XI. The Creed That Caused the Deed
Chapter XII. The Passing Prophet
Chapter XIII. The Mixed Multitude
Chapter XIV. The Old Prospector
Chapter XV. A Lively Mining Camp
Chapter XVI. The Town and Canyon of American Fork
Chapter XVII. Tenderfoot Superintendents
Chapter XVIII. A Tenderfoots Romance
Chapter XIX. Mind as the Master Worker
Chapter XX. A Latter Day View of a Latter Day State



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