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The Way of Power

By Lily Adams Beck

A book of this sort has so many debts to acknowledge that itshould be thickly set with notes and references, and yet inwriting for the general reader this is not possible. Therefore Ican only say, speaking generally, how much I owe to many andgreat thinkers from those of three millenniums ago down to thepresent time. I am often asked to recommend books on thesesubjects, but it is difficult to do so, for with regard to many ofthe Indian thinkers on whom so much depends theirinvaluable writings, even when translated, are hampered withSanskrit terms very difficult for those unused to them, andmodern writers sometimes assume more patience and perhapsknowledge than the average man with all the preoccupations oflife has time to possess. Yet he may wish to know. This book istherefore an effort to interpret, to suggest, and no one knowsbetter than myself what a contracted statement it is of what agreat subject. Yet I venture to hope there are those to whommy experiences and conclusions,

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