Musings of a Chinese Mystic

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Musings of a Chinese Mystic

By Lionel Giles

This short collection of texts featuring Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi), the Taoist sage, is a good introduction to the core concepts of the Taoist worldview. The author, Lionel Giles, was an eminent Victorian scholar of Chinese society, who, most notably, also translated Sun Tsu's Art of War.

Title Page and Front Matter
Editorial Note
Chapter I. The Doctrine of Relativity
Chapter II. The Identity of Contraries
Chapter III. Illusions
Chapter IV. The Mysterious Immanence of Tao
Chapter V. The Hidden Spring
Chapter VI. Non-Interference With Nature
Chapter VII. Passive Virtue
Chapter VIII. Self-Adaptation to Externals
Chapter IX. Immortality of the Soul
Chapter X. The Sage, or Perfect Man
Chapter XI. Random Gleanings
Chapter XII. Personal Anecdotes
Chapter XIII. Advertisements



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