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The Confessions of Jacob Boehme

By Jacob Boehme

Jacob Boehme (b. 1575, d. 1624) was a German Christian mystic, who, despite humble origins, wrote encyclopedic works detailing a visionary universe, densely inhabited by spirits. Like many other mystics, Boehme saw dualities and trinities everywhere. He believed that there were three worlds: the world of Light, the world of Darkness, and the world of Fire. He believed that heaven and hell overlap spatially. The Devil is incapable of communicating with God, because (as we would say today) he in is a parallel universe!

This book will serve as a gentle introduction to Boehme for curious readers. Note that this work was not written by Boehme, but compiled by Palmer from an 18th century translation of his complete works. Also available at this site by Boehme is a translation of the complete work, The Signature of All Things.

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