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Obituary The Hodgson Report on Madame Blavatsky

By W.A. Carrithers

Adyar: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1963. First edition. Hardcover. Small octavo. xx + 92pp. Original blue cloth with silver lettering to upper board and spine, two fold-out illustrations. With inkstamp on front blank: "Compliments of the Author, notices and reviews appreciated." A refutation of the Hodgson Report, which was an 1885 report by the Society for Psychical Research on Helena Blavatsky and her allegedly apported Mahatma Letters.

Title Page
Preface to the Online Edition by Leslie Price
Chapter I The Investigation by the Society for Psychical Research
Chapter II. The Blavatsky-Coulomb Correspondence
Chapter III. The Shrine and Surroundings
Chapter A. The Shrine: Its Design and Construction
Chapter B. Location of the Shrine
Chapter C. Curtain and Wall-Cloth
Chapter D. Inspecting the Wall March to October 1883
Chapter E. The Almirah
Chapter F. The Boarding or Door
Chapter G. Relative Positions of Door and Shrine
Chapter H. The Recess and the Bricked Frame
Chapter I. The Sideboard
Chapter J. Traces of the Hole in the Wall
Chapter IV. The Mahatma Letters
Chapter V. The Sitting-Room Bookcase Phenomenon
Chapter VI. The Letter Traps
Chapter VII. The Occult Room Bookcase Phenomenon
Chapter VIII. The Astral Bell Phenomenon
Chapter IX. The Doll Christofolo and Apparitions of Mahatmas
Chapter X. A Question of Motive
Chapter XI. A Question of Integrity
Chapter XII. Special Note
Plate I
Plate II
Plate III


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