Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

By A. H. Sayce

 Records of the Past
This is the index page for the series Records of the Past, which published translations of Near Eastern and Ancient Egyptian texts at the end of the 19th century.

This is volume one of the second series of Records of the Past, under the editorship of A. H. Sayce. This volume includes two versions of the Creation epic, today known as the Enuma Elish, and several historical texts, including the Babylonian Chronicles, and the hair-raising Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Hebrew Transliteration
The Assyrian Calendar
The Assyrian Calendar
Introduction - The Dynastic Tablets and Chronicles of the Babylonians
No. 1. Translation of the First Dynastic Tablet from Babylon
No. 2. Translation of the Second Dynastic Tablet from Babylon
No. 3. Translation of the Third Dynastic Tablet
No. 4. Translation of the Babylonian Chronicle
No. 5. Translation of the Inscription Giving the Assyrian Interpretation of the Names of the Early Babylonian Kings
No. 6. Translation of the Annals of Sargon of Accad and Naram-Sin
Introduction - The Inscriptions of Telloh
Chapter I. The Inscriptions Of King Ur-Nina
Chapter II. Inscription of an Unknown Prince on a Boulder of Stone
Chapter III. Inscriptions of Uru-Kagina
Chapter IV. Inscription of Entena on a Buttress
Chapter V. Inscription of En-Anna-Tumma on a Buttress
Chapter VI. Inscriptions of Ur-Bau and his Reign
Sin-Gashids Endowment of the Temple Ê-Ana
An Erechites Lament
Introduction - Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I, King of Assyria
Coloumn I
Coloumn II
Coloumn III
Coloumn IV
Introduction The Assyrian Story of the Creation
The First Tablet
Third Tablet
Fourth Tablet
Fifth Tablet
Seventh Tablet
The Babylonian Story of the Creation According to the Tradition of Cutha
Babylonian Lawsuits And Judgments
Inscription of Menuas, King of Ararat, in the Vannic Language
The Ancient Hebrew Inscription of Siloam


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