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The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is the magnum opus of the renowned scholar, philosopher, researcher and mystic Manly Palmer Hall. One of the most eminent occultists of the 20th century, Manly P. Hall's exhaustive and encyclopedic work towers above its contemporary tomes as an incredibly informative reference work that truly lives up to its title. In this book, Manly P. Hall endeavored to compile all of the esoteric wisdom that humanity has produced and to distill the teachings of a myriad of occult schools down to their most integral aspects. The original edition of this work was illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp, an American illustrator and lithographist. The breath-taking full color illustrations are here reproduced so that their immeasurable beauty is available to all. 

Group of World Religions

Mithra as Kronos

Abraxas, A Gnostic Pantheos

The Elusinian Mysteries

Odin, Scandinavian All-Father

Hermes Trismegistus

The Atlantean Temple

The Saitic Isis

The Celestial Virgin

The Zodiacal Egg

The Oracle of Delphi


The 47th Problem

Hand of the Mysteries

Solomon and the Shedds

Microcosm and Macrocosm

Oannes the Fish God

Jewel of the Rose Croix


Occultem Lapidem


The Elementals

The Alchemist

The Ancient of Ancients

Grand Man of The Zohar

The Sephiroth

Courtyard of the Tabernacle

The Rosicrucian Philospher

The Tomb of C.R.C.

Paracelcus Experiments

Casting The Brazen Sea

Shakespeare or Bacon?

The Heraldry of Jesus

Three Grand Masters

A Rosicrucian Crucifix

Parsifal and the Grail

The Divine Comedy

Mohammed Destroying Idols

The Mysteries of Xibalba

The Martyrdom of Hypatia

The Supreme Symbol

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