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The Secret Doctrine Vol I

By H.P. Blavatsky

The first part of the book explained the origin and evolution of the universe itself, in terms derived from the Hindu concept of cyclical development. The world and everything in it is supposed to alternate between periods of activity (manvantaras) and periods of passivity (pralayas). Each manvantara lasts many millions of years and consists of a number of Yugas, in accordance with Hindu cosmology. Blavatsky attempted to demonstrate that the discoveries of "materialist" science had been anticipated in the writings of ancient sages, and that materialism would be proven wrong.

The Secret Doctrine Vol I
Preface To The First Edition
Proem Pages From A Pre-Historic Record
Part I. Cosmic Evolution
Stanza I. Seven Stanzas From The Book Of Dzyan
Stanza II
Stanza III.
Stanza IV
Stanza V
Stanza VI
Stanza VII
Stanza I. Commentaries On The Seven Stanzas And Their Terms, According To Their Numeration, In Stanzas And Shlokas
Stanza II
Stanza III
Stanza IV
Stanza V
Stanza VI
A Digression
Stanza VI
Stanza VII
Summing Up
Extracts From An Eastern Private Commentary, Hitherto Secret
Part II. The Evolution Of Symbolism Part II Symbolism And Ideographs
Section II. The Mystery Language and Its Keys
Section III. Primordial Substance and Divine Thought
Section IV. Chaos: Theos: Kosmos
Section V. On the Hidden Deity, Its Symbols and Glyphs
Section VI. The Mundane Egg
Section VII. The Days and Nights of Brahmâ
Section VIII. The Lotus, as a Universal Symbol
Section IX. The Moon; Deus Lunus, Phœbe
Section X. Tree, Serpent, and Crocodile Worship
Section XI. Demon est Deus Inversus
Section XII. The Theogony of the Creative Gods
Section XIII. The Seven Creations
Section XIV. The Four Elements
Section XV. On Kwan-Shi-Yin and Kwan-Yin
Part III. Addenda. On Occult And Modern Science.
Section I. Reasons for These Addenda
Section II. Modern Physicists are Playing at Blind Mans Buff
Section III. Is Gravitation a Law
Section V. The Theories of Rotation in Science
Section VI. An Attack on the Scientific Theory of Force by a Man of Science
Section VII. Life, Force, or Gravity
Section IX. The Coming Force. Its Possibilities And Impossibilities
Section X. On the Elements and Atoms
Section XI. Ancient Thought in Modern Dress
Section XII. Scientific and Esoteric Evidence for, and Objections to, the Modern Nebular Theory
Section XIII. Forces—Modes of Motion or Intelligences
Section XIV. Gods, Monads and Atoms
Section XV. Cyclic Evolution and Karma
Section XVI. The Zodiac and its Antiquity
Section XVII. Summary of the Position


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