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The Theosophical Society was founded in 1875 with the express purpose of exposing to Western minds the ancient teachings of the East, which had evaded notice in the Western world for many centuries. This uniting of philosophical hemispheres resulted in a great flowering of esoteric consciousness and many now-famous occultists and their works were either directly or indirectly inspired by the philosophy of Theosophy. Its main precepts, however, were contained in the works of Helena P. Blavatsky which are notoriously esoteric and difficult for the lay person to understand. To better expound upon and reveal these teachings, Blavatsky's successor at the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant, wrote a series of pamphlets and essays explaining the somewhat vague and mystical concepts that Blavatsky expressed in her works and in her life. The Adyar Pamphlet series is here republished and displayed that its explanations of the profound wisdom revealed to the world by Madame Blavatsky may find a new home in the minds of the modern world. 

Issue No.1 - Emotion, Intellect, and Spirituality
Issue No.2 - The Attitude of the Enquirer
Issue No.3 - The Religion of Theosophy
Issue No.4 - Proofs of the Existence of the Soul
Issue No.5 - The Emergence of a World-Religion
Issue No.6 - Castes in India
Issue No.7 - The Meaning and Method of Spiritual Life
Issue No.8 - On the Idyll of the White Lotus
Issue No.9 - The Power and Use of Thought
Issue No.10 - The Value of Devotion
Issue No.11 - Gurus and Chelas
Issue No.12 - What Theosophy Does for Us
Issue No.13 - Elementary Lessons On Karma
Issue No.14 - The Fundamental Idea of Theosophy
Issue No.15 - The Life of Buddha and Its Lesson
Issue No.16 - Education in the Light of Theosophy
Issue No.17 - On The Bhagavad Gita
Issue No.18 - The Future of Socialism
Issue No.19 - Occultism, Semi-Occultism and Pseudo Occultism
Issue No.20 - The Law of Cause and Effect
Issue No.21 - Mysticism
Issue No.22 - Aspects of the Christ
Issue No.23 - The Spirit of Zoroastrianism
Issue No.24 - The Brotherhood of All Religions
Issue No.25 - Some Difficulties of the Inner Life
Issue No.26 - The Vision of the Spirit
Issue No.27 - Vegetarianism in the Light of Theosophy
Issue No.28 - Correspondences Between the Planes
Issue No.29 - The Influence of the East on Religion
Issue No.30 - Communication Between Different Worlds
Issue No.31 - The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
Issue No.32 - Theosophy and its Evidences
Issue No.33 - Vegetarianism and Occultism
Issue No.34 - England and India
Issue No.35 - The Influence of Theosophy on the Life and Teachings of Modern India
Issue No.36 - Investigation into the Super-Physical
Issue No.37 - Theosophy and Christianity
Issue No.38 - The Religion of Goethe
Issue No.39 - "Ancient Egyptian Magic" and "Animated Statues"
Issue No.40 - The Reality of the Invisible and the Actuality of the Unseen Worlds
Issue No.41 - The Smaller Buddhist Catechism
Issue No.42 - A Word on Man, His Nature, and His Powers
Issue No.43 -The Inner Purpose of the Theosophical Society
Issue No.44 - Indian Students and Politics
Issue No.45 - Spiritual Life for the Man of the World
Issue No.46 - On Moods
Issue No.47 - Buddhism
Issue No.48 - Spirituality and Psychism
Issue No.49 - "Spirits" of Various Kinds
Issue No.50 - Art as a Factor in the Soul's Evolution
Issue No.51 - The Age of Shri Sankaracharya
Issue No.52 - Culture of Concentration
Issue No.53 - East and West and the Destinies of Nations
Issue No.54 - The Ritual Unity of Roman Catholicism and Hinduism
Issue No.55 - An Epitome of Aryan Morals
Issue No.56 - Modern Science and the Higher Self
Issue No.57 - The Age of Patanjali
Issue No.58 - Places of Pilgrimage in India
Issue No.59 - The Bhagavad Gita
Issue No.60 - Asceticism: A Word of Friendly Counsel
Issue No.61 - When a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again?
Issue No.62 - Gautama the Buddha
Issue No.63 - The Superphysics of the Great War
Issue No.64 - Psychic and Spiritual Development
Issue No.65 - Evidences of Truth
Issue No.66 - The Bearing of Religious Ideals on Social Reconstruction
Issue No.67 - Beauty in the Light of Theosophy
Issue No.68 - The Fall of Ideals
Issue No.69 - Intuitional Consciousness
Issue No.70 - Man's Waking Consciousness
Issue No.71 - Spiritual Progress
Issue No.72 - A World Religion
Issue No.73 - The Harmonious Development of a Child
Issue No.74 - Prison Work on Theosophical Lines
Issue No.75 - The Psychology of Conversion
Issue No.76 - The Coming Race
Issue No.77 - My Books
Issue No.78 - The Origin of Evil
Issue No.79 - The International Union of Arts and Crafts (Part 1)
Issue No.80 - The International Union of Arts and Crafts (Part 2)
Issue No.81 - Star-Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church
Issue No.82 - The Ancient Indian Idea of Duty
Issue No.83 - The Mysteries
Issue No.84 - 1875—1891 A Fragment of Autobiography
Issue No.85 - The Golden Rules of Buddhism
Issue No.86 - Masters of Wisdom
Issue No.87 - The Place of Religion in National Life
Issue No.88 - Is Theosophy Anti-Christian?
Issue No.89 - Thy Kingdom Come
Issue No.90 - The Count De St. Germain and H.P.B. : Two Messengers of the White Lodge
Issue No.91 - Yoga Practice in the Roman Catholic church
Issue No.92 - The Soul As It Is and How To Deal With It
Issue No.93 - The Search For Happiness
Issue No.94 - Nature's Finer Forces
Issue No.95 - The Common Foundation of All Religions
Issue No.96 - Memories of Past Lives
Issue No.97 - Occultism
Issue No.98 - Brotherhood
Issue No.99 - Life After Death
Issue No.100 - Difficulties in Clairvoyance
Issue No.101 - Is Belief in the Masters Superstitious or Harmful?
Issue No.102 - The History of Reincarnation
Issue No.103 - The Case for Reincarnation
Issue No.104 - On Memory
Issue No.105 - The Kabbalah and the Kabbalists
Issue No.106 - As Above, So Below
Issue No.107 - Empirical Vegetarianism
Issue No.108 - Life, and Life After Death
Issue No.109 - The Roots of Ritualism in Church and Masonry
Issue No.110 - The Vampire
Issue No.111 - The Necessity for Reincarnation
Issue No.112 - The Building of Character
Issue No.113 - The Dweller of the Threshold
Issue No.114 - Kosmic Mind
Issue No.115 - The Protestant Spirit
Issue No.116 - Concerning the Mortification of the Flesh
Issue No.117 - The Great War
Issue No.118 - Svadesh and Svaraj
Issue No.119 - The Substantial Nature of Magnetism
Issue No.120 - The Metaphysic and Psychology of Theosophy
Issue No.121 - True and False Yoga
Issue No.122 - On Karma
Issue No.123 - The Tidal Wave
Issue No.124 - Qualifications for Chelaship
Issue No.125 - Karma and Social improvement


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